So, what matters most to you when choosing an interior design company to transform your home? Whether it’s inspirational creativity, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, or the meticulous professionalism needed to see a big project through to successful completion, you’ve just found everything you’re looking for.

How we started

Purple Design is a London based interior design studio working both at home and internationally on residential projects that span interiors both large and small, from town to country. Our practice was founded by Orla Collins in 2003. Since then, our reputation as specialists in creating really lovely luxury interiors, each with a unique identity, has never stopped growing. We work to create the best, whatever the scale, size, scope and budget of a project. Above all, we love designing places that work beautifully for the long term.

Our work

A successful interior should enhance, not dictate, the way you live, and at Purple Design we specialise in creating homes that are personal, warm and expressive. We offer an all-encompassing service, including interior architecture and design and project management, balancing creative flair with meticulous working processes.

Our design philosophy combines the best of classical and contemporary. No project is too big, too small or too unusual to benefit from our expertise. In fact, we positively relish in the unusual. We have worked on some exceptional properties and with some wonderful clients whose vision and ambition we have always been inspired by.

Architecture matters and we like a strong architectural element to build on. But don’t worry if your home isn’t a Nash stately home, a Georgian mansion or a Modernist masterpiece – if the architectural statement isn’t there we will create it from any starting point with our talent for making the most of any space, maximising the potential of existing elements.

We design most of the furniture pieces on a project and all of the fitted joinery, so your project will truly be unique.

At Purple Design, no concept is ever repeated, and every project is built entirely around the objectives of the client.

About Orla Collins

Creative Director Orla Collins has a bold and exciting aesthetic, is unafraid of taking risks, and is strong with both colour and pattern, happily referring to herself as a Maximalist.

A self-confessed ‘colour queen’, Orla adores mixing it up with pattern, texture and warmth. Along with a strong architectural foundation, Orla’s aim is to bring authenticity to each project, not only in the selection of furniture, lighting and art, but in the use of an exciting palette of finishes and textures. Unswayed by the passing dictates of fashion, Orla draws on her love of contemporary and antique furniture and art, colour, Modernist furniture, photography and her latest discoveries to deliver an eclectic richness to each interior. Working far beyond trends, what gets Orla really excited is creating truly special designs, with heart and soul.

Orla has recently created a capsule collection of furniture and lighting, Diva, which showcases her love of colour, drama, and enduring classic style as well as her wicked sense of humour. All of the pieces, from wall lights and lamp tables inspired by Gina Lollobrigida’s skirt, to an ottoman born from Orla’s memory of the fable of Androcles and the Lion, are hand-crafted to order and can all be customised for size, finishes and fabrics.

Our style

To sum up our style in three words, we would probably go with ‘considered, elegant, opulent’. Or maybe ‘anything but ordinary’.

Our homes vary in architecture, size, shape and age, but they all have in common richly layered rooms and originality. We intertwine colour and pattern and a mix of old and new, contemporary and classic, to create individual and comfortable places to be lived in. Our elegant schemes often juxtapose modern and vintage pieces across the eras to create interiors with bags of personality. Humour and a love of objects with an explicit narrative result in a carefully balanced portfolio of cohesive spaces with a sense of honesty.

Our team

We work with the very best people. Over the years we have built up in-house skills that ensure that we can handle all aspects of any project. We also work with the very best manufacturers, artisans and specialists.

Our team is ambitious, committed, experienced and sympathetic. Our office is small but we have the Dream Team. Our relationships with artisans and craftspeople, extensive resources and our continual foraging all play an integral role in developing each project. From top-notch architects to some of the UK’s most talented artisans, with Purple Design you get precisely the right team to turn the creative vision for your home into reality.

The process

Any client places an enormous amount of trust in their designer and we always treat this trust with the utmost respect. Let’s face it – having builders or decorators in isn’t necessarily the easiest of experiences, and we aim to make this journey as smooth as possible by always explaining clearly what the next steps will be and making all the jigsaw puzzle pieces fit together as seamlessly as possible.

We strongly believe that any client who is investing money, time, effort and their dreams into a project should enjoy the process, and we pride ourselves on making every client’s house their home.

Keeping our promises

Then, of course, there’s the boring-but-important stuff, like getting the job done on time and on budget, and keeping you fully informed on the state of play. At Purple Design, keeping our promises is not just a question of commitment, it’s part of our drive for perfection. We believe interiors matter because they change the way we think and feel. They change the way we live. That’s why at Purple Design we do what we do with such passion.