A PASSION for perfection

So, what matters most to you when choosing an interior design company to transform your home? Whether it’s inspirational creativity, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, or the meticulous professionalism needed to see a big project through to successful completion, you’ve just found everything you’re looking for…

London-based PURPLE DESIGN was founded by Orla Collins, way back in 2002. Not long afterwards, Orla was named Best New Designer in Practice, by Design and Decoration. And since then, our reputation as specialists in creating really lovely luxury interiors has never stopped growing.

“I’m not interested in design trends; what gets me excited is creating something truly special, with heart and soul – and for clients who want that, I’m happy to put buckets of blood, sweat and tears into making sure they’re ecstatic with the end-result.”
Orla Collins
Creative director

What’s our style?

If you pushed us to sum up our style in three words, we’d probably go with “dramatic, elegant, opulent”. Or maybe “anything but ordinary”. But, in any case, we’d much prefer to invite you to spend a few minutes browsing through our portfolio, which will tell you a thousand times more than words ever could.

Dream Team, every time

What else do you need to know about us? First, you’ll want to be reassured that we work with the very best people. We do. From top notch architects to some of the UK’s most talented craftspeople, with PURPLE DESIGN you get precisely the right team to turn the creative vision for your home into reality.

Keeping our promises

Then, of course, there’s boring-but-important stuff, like getting the job done on time and on budget, and keeping you fully informed on the state of play. We’re brilliant at all that. At PURPLE DESIGN, keeping our promises is not just a question of commitment. It’s part of our passion for perfection.